Labyrinth of Lies and Sacrifice

Sacrificed Hearts

Madness comes to all who enter the Labyrinth.

All Vera wants is to survive her wedding day and fade into the rhythms of a normal life, no easy task for a quarter-mage like her. But her worst fears come to pass when her faulty magic once again lets her down—only this time, she’s branded a criminal.

Tossed into the kingdom’s enchanted prison known as the Labyrinth, Vera must keep her wits about her as she navigates this deadly place full of monsters and a wicked force that feeds on fear.

When she encounters another mortal trapped within, she doesn’t know if she can trust him. But as their paths continue to cross, it seems as if the maze is forcing them to work together. Can they help each other defeat the monsters and survive in this nightmare world? Or is the Labyrinth deceiving them all?

Perfect for readers looking for 
no-spice romanceLabyrinth of Lies and Sacrifice delivers plenty of heart-pounding action and swoon-worthy moments. If you loved the survival aspect of The Hunger Games and the forbidden romance of Shadow and Bone, try Labyrinth of Lies and Sacrifice today!

Labyrinth of Lies and Sacrifice is book 6 in the Sacrificed Hearts multi-author series, a collection of stand-alone fantasy romance short novels inspired by monsters of legend, each tale packed with strong heroines, swoony heroes, and sacrificial themes.

Tropes + Romance Heat Level

- Found Family
- Wound tending
- Hidden Identity
- Escape Room Vibes
- Short Novel
- Enemies to Lovers (sort of!)
- No-spice (only kissing)