Shield of Shadow [PAPERBACK]

Scepter and Crown Prequel Novella

A woman afraid of her magic. A lord with secrets to hide.

Alyana Barron fears the magic pulsing in her veins and attempts to hide it from watching eyes. However, when disaster strikes, she's forced to use her magic in public. To Aly's surprise, a young nobleman offers to train her as a Master Sorcerer, and she finally gets what she's always wanted: the chance to learn the truth about her magic.

When Aly enters the world of kings and courts, an old vendetta awakens that will alter her future in ways she never expected. As she grows more powerful, Aly will face secrets and losses and a choice that will change her life forever.

Read the prequel to the 
YA epic fantasy series, Scepter and Crown. Perfect for fans of fierce heroines and unique magic systems.

Tropes + Romance Heat Level

- Learning Magic
- Mentor/Mentee Romance
- Magical Battles
- Strong Heroine
- Single POV
- Romance Heat Level: No kissing, some longing and attraction. Entire series is PG-13.