Scepter of Fire [HARDBACK]

Scepter and Crown Book 3

A world in darkness. A love that cannot be.

Shocked by the revelation that followed the official coronation, Aly and Red march toward dangers they never saw coming and away from the things they both want most. Each must face their deepest fears and darkest secrets, finding strength when all hope is lost.

Death follows them. Evil hunts them. As a battle looms and a shadow rises, there remains only one path forward, and it will bring them toward their most difficult decision yet. To succeed is to lose something dear, but to fail is to watch the world fade into an eternal night.

Will the Beacon and Beholder fulfill their destiny—and will it be what they all hoped?

Enjoy the final installment of the swoony, high-stakes epic fantasy series, Scepter and Crown, today!

Tropes + Romance Heat Level

- Dual POV
- Political Intrigue
- Magical Battles
- Bodyguard/Royal Romance
- Forbidden Love
- Slow Burn
- Save-the-world stakes
- Magical Bonds
- Romance Heat Level: "Only kisses." Entire series is PG-13.