The Starlit Prince [PAPERBACK]

Secrets of the Fae

To break his curse, he must break her.

Talia will do anything to keep her family from ruin, including chase down a thief when he steals her family's most valuable possession. But her hopes crumble when the thief turns out to be her domineering landlord intent on forcing her hand in marriage. Desperate for a way out, Talia accepts a snap deal from a mysterious stranger: he'll save Talia's family from the landlord's schemes if she'll marry the stranger that very night.

Rafael has been searching for a sacrifice for many years. To free himself from his curse, he must make a woman fall in love with him, only she must die if the love is true—and he's just secured a bride who knows nothing of his plans.

As the sun rises, they are married, and Talia is whisked away from her safe, predictable life and thrown into a world full of magic and dark secrets.

Talia soon realizes she may have thwarted her landlord's evil plan, but she's stepped into something much more dangerous. As she uncovers the secrets of her elusive fae husband, Rafael, she learns that his marriage to her was not out of the goodness of his heart, and to get close to him is to flirt with death itself. But the truth is so much more complicated than she ever imagined, and true love isn't something that comes easily—she must fight for it, and risk losing everything.

The Starlit Prince is a reimagined spin on the Spanish fairytale, The Lily and the Bear, with Beauty and the Beast vibes, perfect for readers who enjoy fractured fairytales with tormented heroes, determined heroines, and the impossible love that binds them. This is a no-spice romance with darker themes set in a world of connected standalone books. If you enjoyed A Word So Fitly Spoken or Once Upon a Broken Heart, check out The Starlit Prince!

Tropes + Romance Heat Level

- Marriage of Convenience
- Married to the Villain
- Villain Redemption Arc
- Slow Burn
- Star-Crossed Love
- Only One Horse
- Tending Wounds
- Touch Her and Die
- Romance Heat Level: Only kisses. Best for readers 15+.